Our Materials

Buying furniture online is a matter of trust, and we do our best to give you as much as information and as many images as we can on our website.  

We guarantee your chosen design is produced only with the highest quality materials. We offer a wide variety of materials and colors to choose from when creating your custom-made product to suit all personal tastes. We combine superior leather and cashmere with a large variety of solid quality materials for the structure. 


Aniline leather is made from premium quality raw hides that have been immersed in vats of aniline dye, which penetrates the hide so that the color permeates all the way through. It receives no further treatment after dyeing, so it remains very soft and has a highly natural look, in addition to being extremely comfortable. This natural look will improve with age and will create, over time, a wonderful patina. Aniline leather is impregnated with transparent, environmentally friendly dyes and no pigment is used to coat the surface, so it breathes naturally. This delivers the delicate, natural look of the leather, which makes it the most luxurious and expensive leather. Our aniline leather is hand-picked and imported from Italian tanneries.

Semi-aniline leather is top-grain leather that has been surface treated – after the initial dyeing process, a clear, protective coating which contains a small amount of pigment is applied to its surface to help the leather resist stains and fading. The coating also adds more durability to the leather and ensures consistent color. It combines the natural look of aniline leather with excellent durability and easy maintenance, therefore a good choice for families.

Vintage leather dyed in different tones and colors offers a unique timeless look and brings an unmatched style.

Cow skins are the natural unbleached skin and hair of a cow. The cow skin will retain its natural appearance for a long time. Cow skin offers maximum value for texture, durability and comfort. Natural marks and color makes each product completely unique.


Cashmere is a valuable natural fiber and a high quality material. The luxurious fabric provides elegant and soft finish to the furniture as well as a very smooth surface. The texture is fine and strong and has a light, delicate feel. Our cashmere is available in many colors. You can choose between two types : Premium cashmere 100% Wool or Standard cashmere 80% Wool.


Fiberglass, otherwise known as glass-reinforced plastic, is a plastic material strengthened by fine fibers of glass. One of the main advantages of fiberglass is its great durability. Even in a tough environment fiberglass is resistant to stains and can withstand difficult weather conditions. It provides a vivid color and is less prone to scratches.


As an alternative to fiberglass, we can supply plastic versions of many of our chairs. Plastic is a lighter material than fiberglass and is suitable for various environments. 


Marble is a high-quality type of stone that has gained immense popularity due to its structure and fine grain. The unique texture of marble makes it one of the most luxurious natural materials. Its surface has unique whirling patterns and variations of shading.


The glass we use for our products is of a highest standard in terms of strength and durability. We use tempered glass, which is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it falls. We offer toughened glass in different thicknesses (from 9mm to 21mm) to suit our customer’s taste.


For our products we use the most common and widely used 304-grade stainless steel. It is tough and resistant to corrosion and oxidation.


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