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  • Family owned company, all products are proudly designed in the USA;
  • Wood cutting board set comes in 3 optimal sizes for a variety of tasks and kitchen needs;
  • Made entirely of 100% sustainable, organic bamboo material;
  • Robust and scar-resistant composition made to be friendly on your knives at the same time;
  • Bamboo cutting board set has water- & odor-resistant surface to prevent liquids and smells from penetrating into the grain end fibers;
  • Wrap around liquid catch groove along the edges;
  • Hassle-free cleaning & storage;
  • Features beveled edge handles for ease of mobility and portable capabilities;
  • Free express shipping & up to 30 day returns post-purchase, see warranty for more.

This set features a small, medium, and a big pack of three allowing you to prepare and host your beloved dishes with ease. Simplify tasks with our fantastic set thanks to its comfy beveled side handles and unique design. Bamboo's resistant surface ensures that neither cutting board nor knives will be damaged in the process. Our meal prep tables are knife-friendly and perfect not only for slicing fruits and veggies or carving bulky meats; you can now prep and serve your delicious meals all with just one board.

Please note: you can choose any set of cutting boards you like. We have the following variations:

  1. set of 2 cutting boards,
  2. 3 piece cutting board set,
  3. set of 4 cutting boards,
  4. set of 5 boards. 

100% cash-back for cutting board set of 3

Confident in the integrity of our work, we even offer a 100% cash-back guarantee should it not live up to its product specifications when it comes in! Shop our cutting board set of 3 with full trust and assurance that we've got your back, and enjoy a prize design for a variety of purposes for years!

3 piece cutting board set includes

This 3 piece cutting board set features: one small 9" x 6" board perfect for on the go travel, one medium-sized 12" x 8" surface for little slicing and dicing of your fruit and veggies, and a larger 15" x 10" top for carving and serving uses. Providing you with just the right amount of boards for everyday kitchen use!

Prep & serve your favorite finger foods like cheese and crackers or fruits and veggies for a great “munch tray” on demand. Perfect for when the kids come home from school looking for something to eat. Enforce proper nutrition habits and vitamin intake for the day with our wood cutting board set. Both comfortable to handle and attractive in design, we'll have you drooling as you prep.

Scar-resistant bamboo cutting board set

You'll be pleased to know that bamboo's smooth surface is not only nice to cut on, but that durable composition ensures your knives won't go dull with time and use.  This 3 bamboo cutting board set is scar-resistant so you can slice, chop, dice, and carve without a worry about scratches, marks, or stains.

Large liquid drainage grooves along the edges of these Royal Craft Wood hardwood cutting boards allow you to capture poultry and fruit liquids, and keep your counters puddle free. Even throughout the most bustling and chaotic of cooking times—especially around the holidays—you can rest assured your workspace will remain clean. Thanks to our 3-piece wood kit, there will be no clutter, pressure, and no extra troubles while you prep—leave it to us!

This multifunctional series is composed of durable organic bamboo for a BPA-free and toxin-free surface that's safe for the little ones in your family. Bamboo's naturally liquid absorbent and germ combatant substance aids in healthy eating through a family-friendly manner.

Cutting Boards Sizes LxWxH
15 x 10, 12 x 8, 9 x 6 inches
Item Thickness
0.6 inches
Item Weight
4.34 pounds
Bamboo Wood
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